Sunday, December 14, 2014

From comment to post: December 2014

There's a saying that goes something like when you don't get the thing you hoped for, it means God is preparing you for something even bigger...I think that applies here, cause I can definitely see much bigger doors opening for you in the near future!

Amen and amen again!!! :)

Next week I meet with my new PI to discuss the project I'll work on until I matriculate as a graduate student in the Computer Science department. Now I've talked MANY times this semester about research gigs I'd been offered that never came through. But I'm not worried in the least about this one because while I don't know this PI well at all, I'm not worried one bit about her "going left" with her decision to bring me on board. I know without equivocation that she "has my back" for reasons I'll discuss in more detail in the future.

The biggest irony of all is that this gig/school is located in the town we recently decided to relocate to before ANY of this other stuff came into play. In other words, if I had been offered a gig in the city we just moved from, my commute would have been over 2 hours one way. But I would have sucked it up and did it if I needed to like I always do. But now I don't need to. Now how cool is that? More importantly, I know for sure that the reason God didn't allow any of the other gigs to come through is because if would have been hell commuting back and forth everyday. So I should have just maintained the faith "that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose (Roman 8:28)". And this is all topped off my med school options that have students in their 40's in our new hometown!!!

Now as Christmas is approaching, we'll be busy making our new place a home, with everyone in our family looking forward to the future!! But no one more than me!! Moving forward, I must remember to "count it all's going to get better"!!!