Sunday, May 5, 2013

The more things change, the more they stay the same!

Except when it comes to the MCAT, ROTF!! I started my registration for the MCAT which I'll complete later this week, and boy has the registration formed changed!! Of course, when you've taken the MCAT multiple times over a 20 year period, you're bound to see some changes! Notable ones include breaking the African American box (a phrase I HATE, I prefer Black American) into 3 categories of Blacks, including African, Afro-Caribbean. I think this is critical because most med schools classes seem to be over run with Africans NOT Black Americans and culturally there are too many differences to name. Along this line, I don't think Africans should be entitled to the benefits of Affirmative Action, my personal belief being that the program was set up to right wrongs created by 300 years or so of slavery and the descendants of these people who are severely and negatively impacted. And if in my professional and personal experiences I'd seen more of an attempt of the 2 groups of Blacks to work together, then I'd feel VERY differently. But Africans tend to look out for other Africans, first and foremost. And that's just dumb because I don't see ANY other groups of folks doing the same, the Chinese, Indians, ect ALL work TOGETHER!!! So, it'll be real interesting to see what the data looks like in 5 or so years with all these categories.

Moving on, I took Physics and Chemistry exams and did pretty well overall. In both subjects I average an "11" which is significant because I tried a new strategy for answering the problems, I did NOT read ANY of the passages first. This is the same strategy I use in Verbal and do well there, so I'm thinking this may be a permanent change in my test taking strategy. I've also observed that if you can't answer at least half of the science questions without reading the passages, then there's a serious lack in comprehension of the material covered in the question. Again, this is all anecdotal, but pretty compelling just the same.

I also worked on my personal statement, most of which was written over a year ago while I was on the metro. And today I looked at it and felt pretty proud, I think it really captures who I am and how I got here very well!

Finally, anyone looking for updated MCAT tips from me, should check out my blog over the next few months.


  1. hit me with them sistah... taking mine in April 2014.... All the best to you!! you are well prepared!!

  2. Your blog is great! Just you think Afro-Caribbean students should benefit from affirmative action?

    1. Hi Anony, yes I do think Afro-Caribbean students should benefit from AA because they are also descendants of slaves that worked farms in the Caribbean. As an example, my Caribbean ancestors definitely worked in the sugar cane fields for free.

  3. Thanks for the quick reply and I agree with you 100%. You have a very strong voice that is needed right now. As you know, you and many others are the answer to what so many of your ancestors from various backgrounds have prayed and suffered for.
    From reading your blog, you are obviously very intelligent and talented, which can sometimes make certain decisions more challenging...for what it's worth, please move forward with your decision to become a physician-by any means necessary. As you know it will give you a voice like no other field you've expressed interest in (that I know of). You are very much needed and you obviously have the ability. Throughout your journey, there seems to be a consistent reoccurrence of the desire to be a physician, and I don't believe that conviction will ever leave until you become one. So many times we look to hear "God's voice" concerning direction and He's speaking to us all the time (story of my life!)...that still, small voice or that recurring desire...
    To wrap this up, your people need you to continue to fight the good fight and plow that md road! So excited about the steps you've already taken and I am confident that you will make an amazing doctor:)
    (Sorry for the long post)