Monday, August 5, 2013

And 2 years after starting the journey into Biomedical Informatics.........................

............Path201X has FINALLY landed a strictly Biomedical informatics gig!!! YEAH!!!!!

It's only an internship, but it's a "foot in the door", and that's all I need, I'll kick my way in the rest of the way, ROTF!!!

And this is a big deal for a BUNCH of reasons, especially given the VERY contentious interview I had with the last and final co-owner of this company. Yeah, yet another contentious interview with a WOMAN (of course). I mean, this woman asked me question after question which I proceeded to knock out of the park (just like former pageant girls do)! And I felt like she just kept asking me questions in a rather futile attempt to get me to screw up an answer. For example, she asked me what I thought about the latest technologies to detect biological agents that can be used as weapons. And that would have been fine except in the particular CV she received, I didn't mention ANYTHING about my background in microbiology or biological agents, AT ALL!!! Now in her defense, I knew this company did some work in this area, but based on my prior interview and the description of the project I would be working on (a cancer project), I didn't brush up in this area which in retrospect, wasn't a good way to prepare for an interview. However, because I have a certificate in biological and chemical agents AND a minor in Microbiology, I really didn't need to. Still, I don't understand why some people feel the need to dig you a new anal orifice during interviews, but the good news for me is that this woman is in Cali and I'll rarely have to work with her. At least that's what it seems for now, but we all know how things can change.

The flip side of this situation is that the men I interview with seemed very impressed with me and my interview responses, almost as if they wanted to see if I could/would stand up to this woman. In fact, the CFO specifically said that he liked that I have a "strong personality" and could see me working in other areas of the company, like sales. No ain't it funny how people, especially men and women, see things differently?

The only downside to this deal is that I'm pretty sure I underbid myself BIG TIME when it comes to salary and that's actually okay because Interns typically aren't paid much. :( But if we mutually decide to turn this internship into a full-time gig 6 weeks from now, trust me, they'll have to come correct as in 6 figures correct, or else I'll walk away without a second thought. One thing I learn working in "death Pharma" is that if you undermine yourself on the front end, you'll NEVER gain the respect of the company down the road. And that's a lesson I won't EVER have to learn again!

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