Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Emotional career satisfaction!!

There are some who say that you should keep your personal life VERY separate from what you do for a living, but as much as I've tried (ie my time in Pharma), I NEED to have some significant emotional satisfaction from what I do. So while a career doing significant research feels like it's becoming a distant memory, I'm pleased with the fact that I will get a TON of emotional satisfaction in my other career options.

This past Monday, I started doing physics review from my TBR book and the book shown in the post is in my opinion, the best Physics text book I've ever come across. This book is entertaining and thorough, while emphasizing math based physics word problem solving. Then it also occurred to me that since my kid has a 98% average in her honors Physics class and regularly assists her classmates, that I not only do I need to go to her for Physics assistance (which I did not long ago this evening) but that she'll likely be the first tutor I hire to work for my company! Speaking of my kid, she's a finalist for an internship to work on a major government building this summer, so besides being happy for her with this potentially being her first job, we're super proud of her as well!!

This has been a busy work week and I'm kinda tired now, so I'll wrap this post up now! And for some strange reason, the song below has been playing ALL week in my mental iPod:

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