Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just keep swimming!!

Finding Nemo is one of my favorite children's movies and the Ellen Degeneres character is absolutely adorable.....and these days, her line from the movie to just keep swimming is the story of my life!

Between the kid that started her senior year of high school, me starting a doctoral Bioinformatics course, my internship complete with a dude who thought it was a friendly and welcoming gesture to ask me why I was needed at the company, and home search, my life is the epitome of busy in a VERY stressful way.

My kid is learning the hard way that Mom is NOT supposed to take care of EVERYTHING for her, so her finding a sense of personal responsibility is LONG overdue. My class is going GREAT but there's a good chance I may not be able to continue if my immunization stuff doesn't get processed soon. And I mean next week soon! My tutoring business is going so well that I'm turning down potential clients almost everyday now. But I may need another one soon if the new SUPER triflin', Howard Dental student doesn't get her self together FAST!!! As it relates to the VERY old home search, because of my good fortune career wise (I've been tentatively offered a permanent, almost 6 figure gig starting in 3 weeks), we quickly went from looking for a home, to a dream home! And I mean a pool, golf course dream home. Now I know for some of my readers, many of you have already "arrived" at whatever your dream home status is for you, but I've always tied this dream to my finishing medical school. Not anymore, I've decided that I'm going to live NOW while I can, and let other stuff fall into place when it does. Lastly, the Internship is where I'm getting workaholic "grief" because I'm working 50+ hour weeks trying to deal with the vertical learning curve. And quite frankly, when you're the ONLY Black and one of ONLY 2 women, that vertical learning curve takes on extra verticalness. But I'm MORE than prepared thanks to that disastrous stint in death Pharma recently. And it's an obvious plus when you so enjoy your work (can I getta' what, what for cancer research?) Plus, the other woman in the group, a beautiful Indian Computer Scientist, and I have decided to tag team on their a$$e$, feminine power style, ROTFL!!!

So with all that said, life is truly good right now and I'm so thankful to be in a "peak" period in my life! And I know without equivocation that all this busy-ness, stress, and learning is good preparation for medical school!

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