Thursday, September 12, 2013

Letting my hair down!!

Or should I say putting my hair on, LOL!! I haven't found a hairdresser yet nor have I been trying hard to find one. So I HAD to find myself a good wig shop until that happens. Now I'm sure most of my readers know very little about wigs and I was the same way until I lost my hair a few years ago after a bad perm. But I come from a family where wearing a wig is like wearing underwear, EVERYONE does it. Still, I was real hesitant for reasons I don't understand now, because "I keeps" me a few nice wigs on my dresser.

Speaking of fake hair, I can't for the ENTIRE life of me figure out why 99.99999% of the African women here wear weaves. And I'm NOT exaggerating either. Now I don't mean any harm by saying this, but if you need a trough of lye to get your edges straight, you should probably pass on the Brazilian butt length wavy weave, but alas, it seems the nappier the "edges" are, the longer the weave is, LOL!! (Side note, anyone that needs a translation of that, let me know).

Other news, I had to let my dental student go because I realized that a dental student that doesn't know that there are 1000 millgrams in a gram, probably needs FAR more help than I can provide for a student who's supposed to be taking Dental Biochemistry.

And because I promised my family I would get off the computer by 9:00PM, I have to go, but I hope to update again REAL soon!


  1. Girl...This is HILARIOUS!!!!! I can't stop laughing..... So truee..... So True..... I definitely need the quick hair option more than I want. with PCOS you have hair thinning on top at times. Oh well learned how to help that too with EMU oil. Ahhhh the 40's..... my my my... don't you just love uhmmmm???? LOL..... Well if the wig fits... you know what to do!!!!