Saturday, September 12, 2015

Getting to a more organized state or negative Entropy!!

* one of my favorite things in wedding cake, my favorite flavor!!!
So in my last post, I talked about the organizer I recently purchased to help me get myself together. And so far so good, but the other thing Whitney has (indirectly) helped me with is getting my notes better organized too. Actually, by her example, I know how to use colors in a way that makes sense.
Below, is the page I borrowed from her to learn how to use colors in a way that leads to better understanding instead of confusion (Whitney, I hope you don't mind me posting this page but if you do let me know, no hard feelings either way):

* Image by Whitney
Now I would be embarrassed to show you what I used to do when it came to multiple colors in my notes. But here's what I do now:

Now maybe for some of you, this way of highlighting makes perfectly good sense. But for a person with ADD (like me, LOL!!), it's real easy to get carried away especially with coloring!!!
And speaking of coloring for my birthday which was yesterday, one of the things my daughter gave me was a set of colored pencils and a coloring book of Indian images. It works well for relaxation/lowering blood pressure, but it's also also fun too though I have to wear reading glasses to do it. And here's my second drawing (and trust me you don't want to see the first one, LOL!!):

Lastly, I started teaching at a local school system and after the disaster that was the middle school science class I had first, I've decided to work at a bilingual inner city elementary school instead. Now it wasn't my intention to select a bilingual school though I was quite deliberate about selecting an inner city one (and living downtown makes this so very easy). But when I learned that I would be giving science lessons in English and Spanish, I decided to embrace it and chalk it up to God directing my path again especially since I hadn't been practicing my Spanish as I thought I would on my own. And once again, I had a really great experience though I kept my English/Spanish dictionary readily available too!!!

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