Friday, May 6, 2016

Looking forward to the hot (a**) summer in Texas!!

So with the semester coming to an end I'm now thinking about my VERY busy upcoming summer! And I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!! Between getting feedback from my THREE abstracts, to my classes in healthdatabases, advanced medical terminology, and health informatics, to studying for what is going to be my LAST MCAT, to trips planned to Austin, DC, and San Antonio, to FINALLY getting up to par with the HIV database called CAREWare, I don't have words to say how GREAT I'm feeling about how so VERY BLESSED I am! :)

But after getting the following reading the day after my meeting last week with the Dean of the department where I teach, I realized that there are some SERIOUS lifestyle changes I need to make NOW.

Now for clarity, my diet, exercise habits, and weight are ALL in check. But my ability to deal with unnecessary bullcrap stress like I had last week, needs some work. So this week I started meditating again, I walked longer than I usually do to the point where my shins started to hurt, and now I'm back down to where I need to be:

And here is where I plan to STAY.

Moving on, I got some new specs after 10 years of wearing the same style frame:

The fam (family) is calling me Dr. X, since these are the same style frames worn by Malcolm X. I got them in a royal blue color to flash a little personality with my "reading glasses" style, LOL!!! I also got some new everyday glasses in a larger, more cat eye style, but I won't have those until next week!

So with summer right around the corner, I'm channeling this 90's jam BIG TIME!!!

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