Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Going back down the same Path

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So I was reading a blog post on Gradydoctor about a patient encounter she had and I realized that as good as I think I would be at patient care, I don't think a career in it is for me. And obviously this is a HUGE change of heart from what I've been blogging about lately.

There was something about that post where a loved one was dying and the difficult decision was being made to decide to not provide any additional care that had me thinking that I couldn't do this on a regular basis simply because 1) I'm a cry baby and 2), being one regularly basis in a professional setting would be very stressful for me. It also occurred to me that I hadn't done any "people to people" volunteer work in over a year and that that may have been the reason why I was feeling so people contact needy!

You may recall I used to volunteer regularly with Komen but stopped after they decided not to provide funds to planned parenthood, a decision they reversed. I also wasn't pleased at how much of their budget actually goes to providing services to women. But after giving the issue a lot of thought (well over a years worth) and thinking of all the wonderful people I'd met because of this organization, I decided get back involved with them. So I signed up for an event in March of this year where I'll be speaking at a Black church. Speaking of volunteering, I decided against the public health gig after realizing they would need me to be available only during the day and for emergencies, and that wouldn't work for my schedule.

Other news, is that my email was literally blowing up with potential fellowships yesterday, including one with that super big wig I meet with back in October. And it's funny because Sunday, I was feeling like I would have a gig by the end of the week, Monday at the latest. And hopefully I'm right!

At any rate, I think it's VERY safe to say that I'm likely going to stick with Pathology or perhaps something like Preventative Medicine which now has a fellowship option in Clinical Informatics, because as much because I enjoy it, at some point in person's life, starting over and over again needs to come to an end. So now and possibly forever, it's back to Path201X!


  1. Your post is so in sync with what I have just had revealed to me. For me I thought I wanted to be a doctor, so I kept forcing things to make it happen. To make a long story short; my friend and I were discussing my med school situation and she helped me realized that God was speaking to me. However, I could not hear Him. It was not my calling to be a doctor. We started going over what makes me feel happy and give me the greatest joy. I listed things, and something was revealed to me. I love dogs, but never ever considered becoming a veterinarian because it wasn't as "good" as being a medical doctor. Now, I am being honest with myself, and seeking His will for my life and not mine. I'm going to post more in-depth on my blog what culminated this decision.

    It is good that you were honest with yourself, and will now be able to choose a career path that will satisfy you immensely instead of making you miserable.

    1. Yes, I absolutely believe God reveals things to us when we calm our minds down long enough to listen.

      I've also worked around MANY Vets and I can tell you that the jobs possibilities are plentiful if you think out side the box!

      Good luck!

  2. Hold up! What post did you read that got all these synapses firing away from patient care? Not knocking the decision. . . just curious. . .

    Most important, you are listening to your spirit. Good for you!

    1. LOL, I can't believe you have time to comment on the blog of a wanna-be-oldpremed, but I'm sooooo glad you did, LOL!! And it's especially ironic that you would respond to this one, because I was just about to post about keeping my options open to patient care again after reading and DEEPly thinking about Nancy's blog posts about the months before her daughter's death.

      So, I'll continue this comment as my next blog post!