Monday, January 7, 2013

Marinate your mind!

I think this is an appropriate post given how good I'm FINALLY feeling about my career over the next couple years!! No, I haven't yet heard back yet from that combo path/informatics gig, but I AM being considered for TWO new Informatics fellowship positions at the NIH. And even though there's a about a 30K pay disparity between the "real" gig and fellowship position, I'd take the fellowship position in heart beat! When you know you know, and right now given my career goals, getting in an environment KNOWN to get folks to terminal degree programs is simply the best way for me to stay focused on my goals and make good progress toward them! Tuition assistance, freedom to attend all the seminars I want is something I REALLY miss from my time at the NCI so hopefully I'll be back at it ASAP!!!

I also started an online course in Health Informatics a couple weeks ago, and lemme tell you, I'm REALLY enjoying it! I haven't yet made it to the lectures directly related to health information, but the background I'm getting in the healthcare industry is phenomenal! There's so much that's changed in the last 10 years that I don't know how I would have done in a med school interview with a question about the field and medicine and healthcare in general. I mean, I thought I knew a lot about what's going on, I read journal articles and papers regularly, but to be interacting with Profs who are at "ground zero" of the practice of medicine is an amazing experience!

So I'm feeling very good about my career these days and I think that it's just a matter of time before a good opportunity to do what I really want to do presents itself!

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