Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The post before I change residency PERMANENTLY!

As my title indicates, I'm posting for the last time as a resident of Maryland. Actually, I changed my residency to my new state in May, including a new mailing address because I wanted to make SURE I'm a state resident when I apply to med school next year.

So I'll start with a job/work update. I now have 4 clients and if I get one more, I won't need an 8-5 job. And when I think about how politically charged most work places are, I'm kinda glad about that. I LOVE the flexibility of tutoring and regular travel to different places and meeting new people is a real plus too.

School wise, I've been unoffically offered a research fellowship in health informatics starting in August and that's the best news of all! In fact, it makes the fact that I never did find a suitable 8-5 gig an obvious part of God's plan for my life. And I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but my health informatics program is affiliated and housed at a major medical center WITH a med school, so you can probably guess where all this is heading! Med school and an MD/PhD program. The plan is to complete all the classes required for me to sit for my oral and written exams by the Spring of 2015, then start the combined program that summer. And yes, I'm not sure at this point how this is all going to fall into place because while my informatics program knows of my PhD aspirations, I've kept my MD goals in the down low for what I feel are obvious reasons. No one understands my interest in this program especially at my age, and that's okay. I'm going to do it anyway.

Now about that flight to and from my new city. URGH!!! I actually got sick on the flight there as in I had a "barf bag" on my lap for most of the trip, LOL. Double URGH!! But we had a GREAT time even though we didn't find a home yet. The other thing I'm certain about is that this new state/city is CLEARY in God's plan for me because absolutely EVERYTHING is falling right into place. And I don't have words for how good this feels. :)

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