Thursday, November 5, 2015


So after 3 weeks of nuthin' but exams, quizzes, projects, and more quizzes, I FINALLY get a chance to catch my breath and relax! Translation, I've had time to tap daily naps for the past few days, LOL!! And as I learned when I was a grad student with a book in one arm and a nursing baby in the other, a power nap makes ALL the difference in the world! Now all I need to do is find a good bubble bath mixture to put the rarely used jacuzzi tub to work then I'll really be feeling wonderful!

Movin' on, I'm doing a presentation on a field of HIT in 2 weeks and naturally I choose something I'm thinking about myself, the field of Clinical Informatics. I've talked about it before but today, I'm going to discuss more specifics.

To enter this specialty requires successful completion of Residency, followed by a 2-3 year fellowship period. So as an example, my top Resident fields are IM and/or Peds, and Preventative Medicine and today, my very top choice is Preventative Medicine. To date, there are only about 10 or so approved programs in the US. Obviously with the importance to Health Information to the practice of medicine (duh), this field is continuing to grow, a realization that becomes more real every day with my current study of health data science/health information technology.

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