Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You talk too much!!!

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This is a phrase I've heard pretty much ALL My life, LOL!!! Sometimes it's a good thing and other times......other times it results in me being banned from a certain VERY popular premed website, LOL!!

I thought about this recently after I made a comment on oldpremeds about that certain premed website. Then I remembered that the reason I got banned in the first place was not so much due to my VERY vocal opinions on what I thought was a racist post in the pre-Allopathic section. But was due to long standing "run-ins" with a certain Sam Jackson character from the movie Djanjo acting, former oldpremed member who had moderator powers on that popular premed site. Yeah. And as Janet Hubert said when asked about her fued with Will Smith, "if you want me to blow smoke up your a$$, you need to pay me for it". Now, I'm thinking there must be a way to disagree and have an intelligent debate without folks needing to feel like they should have their a$$e$ kissed in the process because as anyone reading my blog knows by now, I ain't really into that. Otherwise, I'd still gainfully employed in Big Pharma. And YES, I'm CLEAR I'll have to learn to bite my tongue in med school and beyond!

And speaking of jobs, I was VERY pleasantly suprised to see a VERY familiar face at the interview, a woman who had been a PhD student in a lab I did a rotation in for my Pharm degree. And it was the BEST interview I'd had in a LONG time even though we talked a LOT about things that had nothing to do with the job itself, LOL!!! Yeah, I'm thinking that God HAS to has his hands ALL OVER THIS GIG! :)

Now I'll end with a shout out to RUN-DMC and hope to post soon about my start date on my new gig!

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