Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You talk too much, for real!

So thanks to swelling on my vocal chords due to a respiratory infection, I've been ordered to cease ALL unnecessary verbal communication! D@mn! This is going to be a rough next few days for me especially since I TALK for a living! Double URGH!!!!!

I still haven't heard back from "the gig" but I hope that's only because one of my references is out of town. Or that God has something else in mind for me. And given that I've got quite a few clients for my tutoring gig, it's not like I'm not staying busy.

What I have NOT been doing is ANY programming thanks to my laptop becoming infected with a virus (and yes I have anti-viral software that ain't worth squat!). So after trying to get that working correctly for 5 days, I finally got most of it together and have given up on the rest. And given that I can work on 3 operating systems, I'm now doing ALL Of my work in Ubuntu, which I blogged about previously. Honestly, this is the BEST OS ever and I should have converted everything over to it a LONG time ago. Unfortunately, while I can convert any of my Mac/iWorks and Windows/Microsoft Office data/information to the LibreOffice the Ubuntu equivalent of those software programs, neither of those "reads" Ubuntu data. But that's cool because I figured out a way around that too, so it's all good!

Other news is that I have a Komen Breast cancer event coming up soon, so I'm excited about that. My Health Informatics class has also been halted indefinitely because THEIR software got infected too (I think that's how my computer became infected!). So I haven't done much "academically" lately but apparently I need to chill out for a minute anyway!

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