Friday, May 24, 2013

10 lessons learned in 13 years.

Thinking today about my last Friday as a resident of the Metro DC area, I'm reflecting on all the hard "life" lessons I've learned over the past 13 years I've lived here (which is longer then I've lived ANYWHERE else in my entire life). And I thought it would be interesting to put these on a list, so here goes:

1) Many of the people out to help you won't look anything like you. And some people out to hurt you will.

2) Try hard not to work in an environment where you'll have to compromise your integrity to be successful, and be mindful that having integrity could cost you your job. Can you say Big pharma anyone?

3) 90% of achieving your goals in life starts with positive thinking, so maintain positive thoughts and ONLY keep company with positive people.

4) There are people evil enough in the world to use your words on the Internet to destroy your dreams and aspirations, so don't be afraid to address the issue if need be. #keepagoodlawyer

5) If you're severely disparaged on a job interview, do NOT take the job. EVER!!

6) Never work for a woman willing to sleep with her boss to get promoted in rank or for a "man" who gets PMS once/month.

7) All the love in the world won't make a person with an addition get clean.

8) Recognize and accept the fact that there's a reason God set the path in your life the way he did. So don't waste time questioning it, make the most of it and keep it moving!

9) A person that supports your dreams and aspirations is worth their weight in platinum! So focus on them, NOT the naysayers even if that includes close family.

10) Persistence and tenacity eventually pays off!

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