Saturday, May 4, 2013

I got the pow-er!!!!

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So I decided to review verbal in prep for my MCAT last week and the first day, I averaged an "8". But the second day, I averaged a "13", which is significantly better than I've EVER scored in the early part of my MCAT review. Again, much of the credit is due to the fact that I do MCAT stuff for a living and for that I'm VERY thankful. And now better able to see why God set things up for me this way in the first place. Yeah, I feeling kinda powerful about this MCAT thing:

Other very fabulous news is that I had an international client from Asia, an exciting first for me! I also had 2 interviews this week for histology positions and really, I don't know why in the HELL I'm still considering those. I mean yes, I want to be in a hospital setting again mainly to help me segue way into informatics, but not in that capacity where I've been frustrated working with the people who do that type of work for a living. So shout out to my Informatics guru Lori for setting me on the straight and narrow with my career decisions and forcing me to put ALL my professional eggs into the Informatics basket. Blessedly, my tutoring work gives me financial space to make the best professional decisions I can, so I need to get another dose of "faith and patience" and wait this thing out.

Anyhoo, those 2 histology interviews I had earlier this week were kinda of a waste of time for other reasons, in that one of them wanted someone who’s certified which I’m not, and the other was really trippin’, ONLY wanting me to seek positions through them. I mean what da’ hell, this isn’t that kinda economy, so while there’s significant advantages to them for “hogging my talent”, I’d never be stupid enough to go for something like that. Sure, there are folks out here looking for jobs by playing one company up against another, but companies have LONG since stopped being loyal to employees, so why are THEY trippin”? Again, all this is yet another reminder that business ownership is the ONLY way to go, the companies you work for aren’t going to look out for you, and as I've learend in an extremely hard way last year, neither are the people you work with.

So I’ve decided to sign up to volunteer at a local hospital known for being strong in the informatics, and hopefully that will come through. In the meantime, I’m back to going full speed ahead with my health informatics courses, so I’m happily, crazily, busy these days! And other than gain 2 new clients, I haven’t done much with the “business side” of my business, mainly because I’m not sure where we’re going to be living in the next 6 months (And it’s expensive to transfer a business to another state). What I do know is that this business stuff is more work than I EVER imagined, but the idea of having something I own and run is priceless!!

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