Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 2013 from comment to post

"Thanks for the quick reply and I agree with you 100%. You have a very strong voice that is needed right now. As you know, you and many others are the answer to what so many of your ancestors from various backgrounds have prayed and suffered for.
From reading your blog, you are obviously very intelligent and talented, which can sometimes make certain decisions more challenging...for what it's worth, please move forward with your decision to become a physician-by any means necessary. As you know it will give you a voice like no other field you've expressed interest in (that I know of). You are very much needed and you obviously have the ability. Throughout your journey, there seems to be a consistent reoccurrence of the desire to be a physician, and I don't believe that conviction will ever leave until you become one. So many times we look to hear "God's voice" concerning direction and He's speaking to us all the time (story of my life!)...that still, small voice or that recurring desire...To wrap this up, your people need you to continue to fight the good fight and plow that md road! So excited about the steps you've already taken and I am confident that you will make an amazing doctor:)
(Sorry for the long post)."

It seems that since I've reconnected to my spiritual side in a significant way, God has a way of speaking to me in ways which are ALWAYS right on time. So first, I want to thank this Anony reader for helping to me to keep "centered".

Now anyone who has read my blog for a while understands the "zig-zag" path I've taken to get to medical school. Well, with the big 5-0 looming in the not too distant future, getting off "path" is the LAST thing I need to be doing right now. So, I'm seriously considering withdrawing my name for the computer programming boot camp because I've already got a research opportunity at a major cancer center waiting for me, beginning in the middle of next month. Plus, I'm waiting to hear back about the informatics/engineering gig. And as great an opportunity the bootcamp is, it's just not where I need to be focusing my energies right now because it's going to take precious time away from my med school goals. Put another way, I can NOT do computer bootcamp (and it's 10+ hour days) and MCAT review at the same time!

And with that said, I'm back to my Orgo review. Thanks again Anony!

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  1. Anytime, and thank YOU for sharing your story with us:)
    What a blessing to have you post
    Last night as I was standing in my kitchen prepping a late dinner, I got that "conviction" to just stop and write you what was placed on my heart. He has a way of doing things, doesn't He? :)
    He is definitely looking out for you and watching over the MD "seed" and dream that He placed in your heart years ago...
    Continue to encourage yourself that nothing is impossible--nothing.
    I'm one of the many cheering you on to the finish line!