Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's YO' what YOU want to do!

So the past month had been VERY minimalist when it comes to working and the reason is because I've been sweating bullets interviewing for jobs and looking for a home. And the home search is what's working my nerves the most because when you live on a budget, you're going to be limited. And that's the bad news. The good news is that because our budget is going to so much farther than it did in Metro DC, we're going to end up with a really great home!!

To update everyone on the programming bootcamp, I decided to withdraw my name from consideration and I seriously hope I haven't permanently burned that bridge. If we weren't in the middle of a major move and vacationing, I may have considered it. But I've just got too much on my plate already and EVERYTHING would have needed to be “back burner-ed” in order for me to attend. And in retrospect, not having a house in place before going across country to attend a 1 month training camp seems a little illogical to me. So I passed on that and as much as I would like to attend it, it's simply not the right time for me.

I'm also heavy in Orgo review and have also picked back on my informatics classes. Thank goodness for MOOC otherwise, I'd be too far behind to get caught up. And if you don't know what MOOC is Google it, it's the wave of the future as far as education is concerned IMHO. Speaking of classes, I've been accepted to a certificate program in Health Informatics starting this Fall, yeah me!

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