Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 2013 Top Ten

So, here's my June 2013 top 10 for the road:

1) As a result of my interest in using computer programming applications to health disparities research, I read numerous articles on computer programming on a regular basis. Well a few months ago I made a comment about the lack of gender and racial diversity in the classroom of a new and emerging company that provides "bootcamp" training in programming languages. Then a few days ago, I received an email from one of the owners that saw my comment that said "If you're concerned about the lack of gender and racial diversity in our classroom, why don't YOU apply to our program?". So I did, and I recently made the first round of cuts for selection into the 1 month, all expenses paid program starting in July. I've got some other requirements to meet including submitting a youtube video (YIKES!!!) but hey, when you put it out there, you MUST be willing to see it through!!!

2) That was a loooog #1, so I'll probably make this list a little shorter, LOL!!!

3) My daughter and I are enjoying our vacay, staying a couple days on Jacksonville Beach. And because I haven't worked out since I don't know when, I'm starting to get a "muffin top":

The good news is that it won't take much for me to get back to what's normal for me. The bad news is that I have NO Idea when that's gonna' be since it's too hot to workout down here, ROTFL!!!!

4) Here are some pics we took on the beach. Can you say VERY nice time!?!?

And as you can see, I'm still sporting my nappy natural hair and lovin' it!

5) Speaking of a vacation away from the country, living in the country is soooooooo NOT for me. Between the frequently dropped calls and the SLOW Internet service, I'm going NUTS!! And having to drive 30 miles ONE way to get to my Starbucks on is a really crazy. But hey, gotta LOVE visits down South to visit Mom!

6) I'm studying Orgo now which was right on time for the 2 Orgo MCAT clients I saw recently. Yeah, I'm REALLY enjoying this MCAT prep this time around, LOL!!!

7) I've had a number of interviews since my last post, and my new number one position is one using informatics (of course) for an Engineering company. That would require I shorten my vacay but with a comfortable six figure salary and the ability to work from home 2 days/week, that would be quite alright with me!

8) Finally, life is hella' hot down South, but STILL VERY GOOD!!! :)

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