Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Casket sharp!!!

When the surgeon walked in smelling STRONG of Armani cologne and a suit/tie combo like the one to the right of this post, I KNEW this was MY type of Doc, LOL!!! He was of Indian heritage so I was a little surprised at how flamboyantly (or "casket sharp" as the old southern folks say) he was dressed since the ones I've worked with in the past tended to be on the more conservative side of things dress wise. But having completed a lab based post doc following his surgical residency, I had a feeling Dr. Sharp my moniker for him,  would be my type of guy! In fact, minus the surgical residency, I'd say that his career is exactly like the one I envision for myself in many ways, combining clinical duties with clinical research. But he raised some issues that left me wondering if I would be a good fit for the group.

Before I met with the group that consisted of 1 nurse, 1 project manager, and 2 physicians, I was prepared to not follow through with the other research group , because I'm so excited about being in a hospital, working with patients, and working on clinical research projects again even if they heavily involve cancer research. But Dr. Sharp's mentioning that he was having difficulty getting the Docs there to think on more research terms, left me concerned. OTOH, I've long since realized that there will never be a "perfect" place to conduct research, folks just learn to adapt as best they can and make the best of whatever opportunities that present to you. One thing IS clear, I won't be truly happy with my career until I see med school on the near horizon and that brings me to a quote from a very prolific writer, that most people have never heard of:

"If we’re not fine-tuned to the space and energy that we’re occupying, that’s what leads to mediocrity or falling into that “nondescript” category. It’s like driving with your emergency brake on or walking in a pair of ill-fitting shoes; sure, you’re making progress, but it’s unexceptional progress."

Ms. Nancy frequently posts comments on the the Grady Doctor's blog and once had a blog of her own. So after my meeting with Dr. Sharp and reading Ms. Nancy's post, I realize once again, that my career will continue to feel unexceptional until I matriculate in med school. And that's both sad and profound, but a reminder that we owe it to ourselves to pursue our dreams and goals by ANY means necessary!!!

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