Monday, March 4, 2013

Sequestration frustration!

I still haven't heard back from the perfect gov't job yet and the sequestration issue is the likely reason why. Whoops! And it's an understatement to say that I put all my eggs in one basket with this one which in this economy, is a rather dumb thing to do. But because I'm okay with what I currently have going on and I'm adamant about NEVER having employment situatuions like the ones I've had over the couple few years, I've resovled myself to just sucking it up until the "right" gig comes along. In the meantime, I still get emails about 6 figure gigs from all over the US and it's a blessing, but MD is our home, so here I sit waiting on God.

And I mean SIT, I've spent the past few weeks trying to get rid of a computer virus which has left me unable to do ANY work on my laptop, and I'm now hours away from just blanking my hard drive and reinstalling everything. Except that I can't find the install CD's that came with my laptop, this just ends up being yet another lesson about why I HATE Windows so much and how I silly I was to not buy the Macbook in the first place! URGH!!!!

In the meantime, I'm thinking back and forth about how much bioinformatics I want to have in my clinical/translational informatics future. Yeah, it's kinda nice to know computer programing to whatever miniscule level I know it now, but this is the type of gig that could easily be outsourced. And given that we had a presidental contender who ran a company that had did just that, I'm VERY keen to guide my science future in a direction where it can't be so potentially impacted by something like outsourcing of jobs.

Now when I started working with people's kids, I promised not to talk badly about any of them. And I'm not, well kinda not. Anyhoo, a couple months ago I met the parents of a middle school girl and based on them, I assumed she would look something like this:

But when I got to their home, she acted more like this:

I mean, this girl was a real cutie pie but the 'tude left me thinking that a few days with "Big Mama" would wrap that attitude up real quick, LOL!! And the poor parents had been through FIVE tutors before they called me, but I really felt up to the challenge.......... until "Sybil" came downstairs after I'd waited for almost an hour. My immediate take on her was that she had what I call "biracial" issues and after talking to her and her parents I was pretty certain I was correct. And coming from a family that's VERY multicultural, I understood this all too well though I never had any identity issues growing up thanks in large part to the Southern "one drop" rule.

The session actually went very well, she's simply a bright kid at a really ackward stage in her life. But there was no way in hades I was going to be able to work with her again, I'm just not that patient anymore. And because my clientele continues to resemble the United Nations, I'm still able to get so much more out of it than twice the pay for what I was formally trained to do!! And that's GREAT!!!

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