Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sho' me wat you workin' with!

So I got word today from one of my Chemistry students, that she earned an 89 on her most recent exam after getting 39 on her first exam. Whoo-hooo!!! Now I won't get into all the HHHAAAAAAARRRRRRDDDDDD work it took for her to get to this point. Let's just say that our sesisons involved me being a "Mama", tutor, and academic cheerleader. And this chick is Greek, so the "Mama-like sessions got a little fiery at times like when she came in threatening to drop the class, LOL!! Umm, hells NO!! Now, I've mentioned it before, it REALLY tee's me off that my female students have so many what I feel are "male science professor" induced bouts of academic insecurity like this young lady. Like REALLY tee's me off!

Anyhoo, one of my favorite things to say to my students when they come to me claiming to have finally seen the "Chemistry" light, is "okay, show me what you're working with". And that brings to mind this VERY unrelated rap song, which is the source of that line:

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