Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's HARD out here for a pimp, err, I mean a Scientist!

Thinking about the employment plight of my Scientist brethren brings to mind the theme song from the image in this post. It's soooooo hard these days for most of the Scientists I know to find gainful employment. And IMHO, no matter how much people want to dress it up, a primary reason is because there are thousands of foreign born scientists filling these positions. NPR decribes the probelm quite well in this article.

But it seems that when you make a statement like that, many foreign born scientist draw one of the following conclusions:

1) You're racist.

2) You're afraid of competition.

3) Both

4) You're not smart enough to compete.

5) 1, 2, and 4.

And my response to that is, HUH?

To have the racist card pulled on me is simply pathetic. Not that I don’t think Black people aren't capable of being racist, of course EVERYONE is capable of being racist. However, what I KNOW without equivocation is that it’s easier for example, for an Indian born Scientist to get a job here than it would be in 50 million lifetimes for me to get a job in India, unless I wanted to be a prostitute. And that’s just me keepin’ it real as it relates to the international image I feel most people have about Black women. As for the competition and as a true Type A , I’ve always welcomed competition and have never felt that any one race cornered the market on intelligence. And given that most of the people I tutor are Asian, the proof of that is in what I’m seeing with my own eyeballs!

It’s simply my opinion that given the difficulty of earning Science degrees, it makes sense to me that Scientists should expect to be able to be gainfully employed when they’re done. That said, the reason I NEVER suggest a student get only a PhD is seen in today’s job market, though saw this coming MANY Years before. But what I also see happening is that many US born scientists are becoming openly hostile toward foreign born scientists and while I don’t feel blatant hostility is necessary, I certainly understand their feelings on this issue.

And just a heads up, the lyrics to this video are explicit:

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