Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dawn of a brand new day!

It's exciting, in an overwhelming kinda way, to contemplate what our lives are going to be like in our new home state. But at the same time, I feel an overwhelming amount of excitement about the future too! In fact, so much of my life is falling into perfect place these days that I often feel like I'm dreaming.

One thing that I'm pretty sure about is that my days of wanting to become a pathologist are coming to an end. Thoughts about the type of people who do this kinda work and how I've NEVER "fit in", pull me VERY strongly toward patient care which is a MUCH better fit personality wise and of course, comes with a whole other set of issues I know, LOL!. But more practical justifications including serving in an underserved community, thus allowing me to continue to give back to the Black community. And obviously, loan forgiveness isn't far off my mind either.

Thankfully, I have an interview set up for early June at the cancer center in my new home state, a place I've revered since I became actively involved in cancer research over 10 years ago. And while I still have some reservations about going back into a lab setting, I believe this experience will be a pivotal point in my career. The center is strongly affiliated with a med school so professionally speaking, this is icing on the pivotal cake! That said, I’m also still VERY jaded about the cancer research “field” in general given what I saw and experienced in grad school and working in industry. And that realization pushes me further on the patient care side of a research career.
MCAT wise things have been on hold as I’ve had interviews, applications, ect, all those things you do when you’re relocating to a new state and interviewing for jobs at the same time. But I plan to get back on track tomorrow starting with Physics, so that I can not only be ready for the MCAT, but be able to offer additional services through my business.

Other news is that I’m working diligently on the website for my business and will launch it when I register my business after the move. That’s also the time I plan to launch my new blog website, the title of which I’m sure will be a hit, LOL!!! Overall, I can’t say it enough, I’m VERY, VERY happy in my life right now and I’m soooo looking forward to my new life adventures!

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