Monday, April 8, 2013

Get your "big girl" on!

This post isn't meant to be a ridicule of any of my readers who wear or love someone who wears undies like the ones featured in this post (except my stalker, LOL). It’s about the fact that I realize that these past few years of utter chaos in many aspects of my life, I’ve learned to wear a pair of these, figuratively speaking ONLY, LOL!!!

Put another way, I really, really, needed to “put on my big girl drawz” as it relates to my relationships with the “haters” and otherwise SUPER evil folks I’ve come across while working over the past few years. And if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know this has been an area of consistent struggle for me over the past 3 or so years. So what do I think has changed? Only my attitude because the evil people are certainly still out there. But my way of dealing with them is significantly different, as in I realize that I have to literally and verbally evoke the name of God when I find myself in these kinds of situations (which ironically seem on the rise for people of color in the "age of Obama"). As an example, when my last punk a$$ supervisor in pharma starting verbally and loudly going off on me about some made up crap in his office toward of the end of my tenure at that hell hole, I should have LITERALLY started saying the 23 psalm or some similar scripture OUT LOUD before I walked out of his office. And what would that have done? I believe it would have stopped the devil right in his tracks. I mean really, what was he going to say when he reported the incident to HR, that I was praying loudly in his office? Perhaps, but what he ended up doing was lying like the STILL unemployed dog he is about the incident. And THAT is just one part of the reason why he is defendant #1 in this little legal thing I got going on.

But I digress, I said I was going to keep my blog positive and I am, so it’s with a tremendous amount pleasure that I mention that we’re moving OUT of Metro DC in the next month or so to a state of undisclosed location. I mentioned before that after realizing my blog was being stalked by a malevolent future witch MD, I probably won’t ever again mention the exact place I’m continuing my dream of becoming a Doc for reasons which should be obvious. To that point, I know of a man that on a political blog had his boss called by someone he interacted on the internet, so I’m not fooling myself about the kinds of evil out there. What I will say is that I’ll have access to both MD and DO schools, but then I already kinda’ have that in Metro DC.

This move will also constitute a significant change in my personal life and you’ll have to read between the lines to figure out what that means. And with a kid on her way to college soon, I’m REALLY looking forward to ALL the new adventures God has for me in the future! Blessedly, after a limited time submitting job applications, I’ve already gotten interviews lined up in my new city for both teaching AND research positions! And I’m also moving to a city where I have very close friends so for me, it’s doesn’t get any better than that! But like I said before, I’m going to let God work this thing out in terms of what I’m going to focus my doctoral studies, either in STEM/Science Education or Computational Biology. And in the biggest irony (or not) of all, pathology related research/lab positions are front and center!

God is Good, ALL THE TIME!!!!! 

My latest FAVORITE gospel song these days, which speaks VOLUMES to my soul:

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