Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yes, THAT again, LOL!!!

So this image was taken from a blog article by a company that claims to have a legitimate and of course proprietary way to maintain staining signal strength in old (10+ year old) tissue. And I'm on the fence about whether or not I believe clarity this strong is really possible based on my own experiences with old tissues. Perhaps.

Anyhoo, I got a call from a PI that offered me a PhD spot in his lab almost 10 years to the day, in the city of my next home state. Yeah. And back then, I was making a b-line to the field of Pathology as this was a PhD program in Pathology with the expressed intention of becoming an MD/PhD program in the next 2 years. So why did I pass it up? In retrospect, I wasn't mentally "ready" but I also wasn't feeling relocating at the time...........funny what a difference 10 years and an almost empty nest make.

Not ironically, he and I had always maintained contact, so when I mentioned last summer that I was considering moving to this state, he was VERY encouraging, just as he was 10 years ago. This time though, I'll be looking for employment in this new city and since he works at the cancer center where I've already had a phone interview, I think it's a safe bet that I'll be back in the bench cancer research mix sooner than later. And back in the Pathology mix too!

But then that's probably NOT such a big surprise, ROTFL!!!!

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