Saturday, January 25, 2014

A renewed faith in humanity!

One of the most profound observations a very close friend of mine made about me recently was that she felt my move to Texas had renewed my faith in people. And others who know me well have commented regularly that I seem VERY different from the person I was just 6 months ago. That my dear readers would be an understatement!!!

Many days, I wish I could bottle up and sell this feeling that I have where I know without a doubt that God has brought me from a VERY long way, to a VERY special place. They say that the depth of our disappointments is really a measurement of the depth of our future blessings which explains why I'm just so damn happy ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME!!!!

So let's see, where should I start? I'll start with my relationships with "people". I realized after ~about 2 months of living in Texas that not only was the Metro DC area NOT the racial panacea Black folks think it is, it's probably the most racially divided place I've ever lived. And considering that I grew up in the deep South, that's a pretty sad thing to think. Here in Texas, I not only have great relationships with EVERY race on the planet, I regularly "break bread" with people who look NOTHING like me. Because I believe that the true measure of relationship between people is how often they share intimate exchanges like having a meal or attending the dance recital of a friend's kid, things that are personal and make us part of who we are.

The other terrifically wonderful thing that has happened since I moved to Texas is that I have great relationships with 99.999% of the people I work with which I'm convinced is DIRECTLY related to how well intergrated in ATTITUDE the people are here. Not only are southern hospitality and manners literally oozing out of just about everyone I encounter (except the truck driver that flipped me off as I was on my way to study today, ROTFL), but people are just plain nice. I mean REALLY nice. And well, nice people just make the quality of life soooooo much better. Obviouly, I'm aware that sooner or later I'll come across a jerk or two, that's just how life is. But in comparison to what I experienced living in Metro DC, I'm certain it'll all be okay. actually, it'll be MORE than okay.

And that brings me to my health info class this semester. You may recall that I hadn't yet met my prof becasue last week, he changed the day of class at the last minute and because I'd recently started a new job, I wasn't able to change my schedule at the last minute. Well it turns out that I like him just as much as my advisor thought I would, he's just one of the coolest Profs I've EVER had. That said, he made another little quip in class that rubbed me the wrong way when he was talking about DO's. It was as if they were like Chiropractors or something. And that was kinda sad since being a DO IS on my radar. So given that I'm old and considering becomeing a quack lol, I've decided not to mention just yet what my eventual goal until I absolutely have to.

Speaking of my class, we got our clinical rotation assigments and man I AM STOKED!!! We have about 7 to complete including rotations in IM, ER, and Path (Hot damn!!). And while I'm tempted to schedule them all within the next week, I'll do about 2/month just because I've got about 1000 other things going on too. So for my ER rotation, I've decided choose a Saturday night, because when you live in a large major city, there's ALWAYS good medical action on a Saturday night!!!!

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