Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Do we want people starting practice at age 50"?

This was a question asked by my prof in my health informatics course. And disappointingly it was my first indirect indication that my goal of becoming an MD/PhD won't be supported by at least a few folks at my current institution. But when I was 20, I heard the same thing. Heard it again at age 30 and 40 too. So I have a choice to make either allow this prof whom I was considering leading my PhD research, to dissuade me from my goal or find a prof who supports my goal irrespective of the research he/she is doing.

I think I'll go with choice two, I'll quickly give up being interested in a specific area of research for someone who's willing to walk this thing out with me. And THANKFULLY, I'm meeting with option #2 this Friday morning. What's even better is that he and I published together (I was first author), and he's a Pathologist (YEAH), so I'll update with how this meeting went on Saturday. :)

So now, I'm REALLY hoping my next lecture won't be such a quasi personal let down. In the meantime, I'm gonna shake it off and keep on keeping on!!


  1. Good luck tomorrow. I think you are a good candidate for a MD independently of your age. We need good doctors not young doctors.

    1. Thanks Lorena, now I have a snazzy reply to the issue of my age should it come up, LOL!!