Friday, March 21, 2014


Yesterday, I unofficially became a Predoctoral Fellow in Health/Biomedical Informatics at a major university. And my career in cancer isn't over either, I'll be studying cancer drugs which brings into serious play, my background in pharmacology and chemistry. Talk about a mixed bag project!!! Right now, my new PI is working on the "semantics" of the gig since it was advertised as a Post Doc position and that may take a little time. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about combining most of what I've learned academically into the foundation of my dissertation!!

So the goal is to over the next 2 years, complete the remaining courses I need for the PhD, pass my cums and orals (that's PhD slang for cumulative and oral exams, let's keep it clean folks), then matriculate in medical school. How do I plan to finish PhD research while in med school? By busting my tail during the summer before med school and the one following first year. And because I've already taken most of the first year med school curriculum and have tutored in many of the subjects since then, I think I'll be able to put at least 20hrs/week toward my research project. Obviously, none of this  is set in stone, but this is the plan today. And it's a plan I've waited a VERY long time to see come to fruition!!


  1. Congrats. You are a very busy woman and full of energy

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    2. Thank you Lorena, you're so right about my energy levels. And to think I rarely drink coffee, but I do drink tea sometimes twice/day (Tazo's Zen and Earl Grey are my favorites). And I've mastered the art of the 15 minute "power nap", catching one on the commuter bus usually in the afternoons. I really think all this is practice for my future.