Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hey pretty ladies, I think I'll sit between ya'll!

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This scene from the Pretty Woman is my absolute in the movie!!

Anyhoo today, I had a LONG day at work and wasn't feeling well, so this was just the pick me up I needed.!! The older man that greeted me and another young lady with "Hey Pretty Ladies......", was with his son who looked to be about my age. And they were at the cancer center getting treatment for his son's leukemia. The man told me that he, his wife, and son had moved to Texas last week and would be here a year, after not being satisfied with the treatments options at Hopkins. His exact words, he didn't feel like the folks there were doing enough.

He was from Annapolis, MD which is not far from where I had lived just last year. We talked about the good places to eat, how much new construction is causing the city of loose it's charm, and how nice the people here in Texas are.

About this time, his ride to the parking garage had arrived and then I felt a lump in my throat. Oh boy, I said to myself, here we go again. It took everything I had to keep the tears from flowing down my cheeks and regular experiences like these are a HUGE part of why working at a cancer center is so hard for me. Add that to the "code" I observed in the MICU earlier today, and I was a tearful basket case (I'll talk more about my MICU experience on a later post). But these are experiences I know God is allowing me to have for a reason, because in the end, I think they will make me phenomenal Physician one day.

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