Sunday, March 2, 2014

Doin' it Cowgirl style!!

* My Cowgirl hat, complete with Tiara, ROTFL!!!

Last Friday at work, many people came in wearing cowboy/cowgirl gear in celebration of the rodeo being in town (did I say that right, LOL??) But I hadn't purchased cowboy anything yet so I didn't participate. Yesterday, I had every intention of going to work for a few hours then going to the rodeo which was only a few blocks away. But once I parked my car and smelled the bar-b-q being cooked from 6 blocks away, I passed on that idea and headed stright for the rodeo! Yummy!

Being a North Carolina girl (by way of Cali), I KNOW good bar-b-q when I taste it. And being the extraordinary southern cook that I am, I can make a mean bar-b-q sauce myself. ); But this Texas bar-b-q is different, owing to it's Mexican influence. And for the most part it's a big FAIL for me because I prefer bar-b-q without the salsa influence. But the free bar-b-q they were serving at the rodeo was quite delicious! I also had a super long corn dog and a funnel cake with a TON of sugar, which means that all I ate for lunch today was a bananna. :(

Overall, it was a good day, nice and cool weather wise, full of friendly people and great food! I heart Texas!!!

Yeeeeee-haaaaaaawwwwww!!! :)

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