Monday, March 31, 2014

On to da' next one!!

What do you think the chances are of knowing:

1) Someone who used to work with an angry man --- > woman, gender changed, transvestite?

2) Someone who was laid off for not being able to work in a lab with a leaking chemical tank with said transvestite?

3) Someone who found out her Mother has cancer 30 mins after she got laid off, the same Mother that "hid" her years earlier cancer Dx?

As I was leaving the cancer center for the last time as an employee this afternoon, I ended up sitting on the shuttle next to a middle aged woman, with the body of a 20 year old. Fo' real! And she was talking about the treatment she was getting for her stage IV thyroid cancer. And I was once again reminded that while the road ahead for my Mother is filled with uncertainty, today we're here and doing our best to deal with the here and now. I was also reminded that God himself has removed a TREMENDOUS burden/obstacle for me being able to be there for my Mom in the next how ever many months. And I know His grace and mercy will see me through.

Ironically, I'll be back at the cancer center in 2 weeks for a required rotation for my Health Informatics class which just happens to be in the same department I was laid off from. And I also have an interview with 2 PI's about research projects in the department down the hall.

Oh well, "on to da' next one"!!!!

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