Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Excuse me, but are you a Resident?

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BIG smile, "Not yet, but I will be in the future".

Maybe that wasn't the most appropriate answer I could have given at work today when questioned by a Fellow, but it was the FIRST thing that came to my mind. I wear scrubs at work so and now I look older too which I think helps a LOT in people assuming I'm a Resident. I also walk/work with a fierce sense of pathology purpose which probably also helps in giving off an air of being a "Doc".
This all came about not long after my earlier "vent" about having asthma issues, when I was reassigned to an office area filled guessed it...........primarily Residents! Talk about getting a "message from above"!! :) How it came about is the most miraculous thing of all because it wasn't anything I asked for, to be moved away from the biggest micromanager EVER who isn't even my manager!!! But I'll take my blessings ANY way I can get them!!

Anyhoo, I guess that fact that I'd raised a concern about chemical storage in my work area 3 times previously didn't go over well with Environmental Health and Safety or Employee Health and my Supv's Supv ended up getting involved. I didn't plan on that because as I've mentioned before, my Supv is REAL cool. Which is why when I started getting the leaking dangerous chemical issue formally addressed after my ashtma attack, I FIRST contacted my Supv, copied the noob that runs the lab, then went from there. The thing is that when I start having asthma attacks out of no where I take that shit VERY seriously because people can DIE from it. And the callous way I was flipped off 2 times previously when I tired to address the issue before I had an asthma attack, didn't set well with me as it should NOT have. However, by the end of the day, the leaking chemical tank was removed and replaced with a properly functioning one which makes the work space safer for ALL of us.

Back to the really positive stuff, my new office area is also 2 doors down from my old/new Pathology mentor so that just adds so extra excitement to my situation!!! Needless to say, I decided to stay where I am and turn down the other offer (I know, career schizo) and let the career blessings continue to roll!!!

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