Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday morning blues.

I normally wake up VERY happy and I've pretty much been that way all my life. But today was ho-hum because I had to use my nebulizer last night and that means my asthma is not being controlled well. :( Right now, I've got everything under control but I'm waiting for a space to open up so I can see my new Doc. And if I haven't heard anything by around 11, I'll have to head to an urgent care center to get an eval because I clearly need to have my meds adjusted.

I'm also very worried about the fact that the asthma started flaring up again after I'd spent some time in the lab reading slides last Thursday and Friday. In fact, I almost left work early on Friday because of it but stayed, because I was (wrongly) worried how things would look since my "cool" Supv seems upset about the failed lab safety brohaha. But I also understand that my life means more than ANY job especially one I'm not enjoying very well.

Moving on, I had my mid-term in my Bioinformatics course and I did okay under the circumstances. I'm usually pretty upset about making anything less than an "A" but I realized that given the week I had prior to the exam, I did pretty damn good. So I won't have a straight "A's" this semester, but that's okay my GPA will still be pretty high, so it's all good.

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