Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'll pass on the asphyxiant, thank you!!

Almost 9:00 AM on the J.O.B and instead of "working", I'm in the computer lounge for employes (which is all that, plus some), instead of being at my desk/bench working. And the reason I'm not at my desk working is because the person that runs the lab thinks it's okay for an asthmatic (me) to be in close proximity to a tank filled with a VERY dangerous chemical, that keeps venting every 15 or so minutes. And by venting I mean that the idiot that supplies the chemical, OVERFILLED the tank with the dangerous chemical and should be damn happy this 'ish hasn't exploded yet!!!

As a trained Chemist, it seriously pains me to see the carelessness people show when working with large quantities of DANGEROUS chemicals. And because I'm a trained Chemist, I'm probably a little over cautious about the chemicals I work around. Having asthma, makes me even more so because breathing is kinda important to me. I'm about as good an asthmatic as there is, so when it starts to flare up for NO reason, I get concerned. Now 90% of the time I have to admit that my flare ups are my own, noncompliant, fault. Then there's the 9% of the time I have a flare up due to the ignorance of others usually lab employees, with the remaining 1% due to having a cold or the flu.

At any rate, I decided not to sit in a small room with a tank overfilled with a dangerous chemical until it gets repaired. Unfortunately, my Supv works a little distance from where I work and the person in charge of where I work is "challenged" as far a lab safely is concerned. But my Supv is a VERY cool lady though, so it's all good.

Moving on,the thought occurred to me that if I change positions now, the possibility of me becoming a Pathologist will probably change too. But if I stay where I am now, not only will the regular work with great Pathologists keep me motivated to keep pushing on, but the low pay will be a regular reminder that the thing I REALLY want to do in my career, pays pretty decently too.

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