Saturday, February 22, 2014

Work it out!!!

When you need to "take it to the streets" with your "cool" Supv, it's pretty much a guarantee that you're going to have a week FULL of surprises.

First thing's first, the interview with Dr. Eggplant. My loyal readers may remember this term, "Eggplant" is the title I use when I meet someone who lacks ANY sort of personality. So between the Eggplant personality and the super weak handshake, the deal was sealed on how I felt about my interaction with my interviewer. He also looked down the ENTIRE interview and rushed me through my presentation. I think I did a good job of staying calm and cool, but I'm not so sure my face conveyed that as well. Oh well...........

The second highlight of my week was that I was assigned a new Supervisor. And by the end of the week, I'd been assigned to do a presentation before the "big guns" in my group on Tuesday, whom my previous Supv had mysteriously kept me from interacting with. But I guess it's a LOT easier to steal someone's idea and present it as your own when the originator of the idea isn't there. But then what did I expect from someone who lies about having a PhD..........

Moving on, healthwise was a little up and down for me and I'm scheduled to see a specialist next week. But I'm on the mend, it's just that now that I've been ordered by my Doctor not to work in the lab space required for my position, I'm a little concerned about how things are going to pan out. But when I do my presentation on Tuesday, I plan to make it real clear that not only am I the ONLY person in my entire group with this skill set, my work can be an enormous asset to our department. Even if I don't ever step foot in that lab space again.

The other kinda exciting thing going on is my clinical healthcare course (of course) which as I've mentioned previously, is pushing me further into the patient care direction with each passing day. Again, I'm VERY concerned about all the nasty chemicals in pathology and the fact that I'm a middle aged asthmatic. So perhaps, switching from Pathology isn't such a bad, albeit VERY premature, idea given that I'm not close to applying to a residency any time soon, LOL!!

Along those same lines, everyday I'm also thinking it may be best for me to officially start my Doctorate work first, then transfer to med school later. Again, had I committed to doing this a LONG time ago, I'd have the Doctorate by now and would now be working on getting into medical school only. And I'd be doing it making a LOT more money that I am now. You may also noticed that I'm using the term Doctorate instead of PhD and that's because I'm considering both a Doctorate in Health Administration with a concentration in Health Informatics as well as a PhD in Health Informatics. So I'm just keeping my options open! :)

At the beginning of this past week, I was feeling "a certain kinda" way about my current gig and was ready to begin work on a new one. But now I'm resolved to make due with what I've got until it's time for me to make another decision or should I say, until God makes His plan to me crystal clear. In other words, I'm just gonna' work this 'ish out the best way I can!!

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